The Creator Collective is a dynamic group of mortgage loan originators, realtors, and other mortgage affiliates who are revolutionizing the homebuying experience. Interested in learning more information or want to join our collective? We’d love to have you!

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Who Are We?

The Creator Collective is a group of licensed mortgage professionals committed to producing content that empowers and educates potential homebuyers. We craft insightful narratives, offer expert advice, and use our creativity to demystify the home buying process. As a result, we are increasing financial literacy, making it more accessible to a broader audience, especially Gen Z buyers. Click here to meet our team!

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Scott Betley

Co-Creator, The Creator Collective & Mortgage Loan Originator @thatmortgageguy

Greg Sher

Founder, The Creator Collective & Managing Director, NFM Lending

More than Mortgages

Our dynamic ensemble contains some of the top viewed creators in the mortgage and real estate industries. Our knowledge goes beyond influencing potential homebuyers on TikTok - we also collaborate regularly with each other and educate professionals like us. We’re so passionate about our mission, we can’t gatekeep our secrets to success!

Coaching Comes First

The top mortgage industry content creators are here to help you achieve your goals. If you have an average follower count or low engagement, you’ll have access to consult with the best of the best. Gain critical feedback and perspective to grow your business!

Michael Dufour


Jordan Nutter


A Message from Our President

Watching this team continue to grow has been amazing. There is an energy and passion in each one of them about the mission they are on to help make homeownership a reality for the younger generations. And most importantly they are having fun collaborating with each other and finding out what works with educating homebuyers and building their brands.

Division President

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Our team members have the freedom to do what they’re passionate about. Check out the latest ways some of the team are expressing their creativity!

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